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Southern Lovin' in Birmingham

EATS Highland, Birmingham, Alabama

Fried Chicken.

That's right, fried chicken, and fried green tomatoes.

This dedicated gluten-free eatery is a funky fusion between Latin and Southern-style comfort food. I would love to come back and try a taco or enchilada, but I went with the deliciously fried comfort food.

I ordered the 6 Southern-Fried Chicken Wings drizzled with both Detroit hot and sweet sauce and Lemon Pepper Seasoning and Clarified Butter sauce. There were only bones left when I was finished.

With the 6 piece chicken meal, you get two sides. I got the steamed broccoli (really to make myself feel better by putting some green on my plate) and the fried green tomatoes. I ended up checking the menu multiple times to make sure that I was correctly reading, "Dedicated Gluten Free Kitchen." It's not often that I come across fried food in a dedicated gluten free facility, and it was the best fried food I've had in years (since pre-GF life).

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