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Fast, Casual Eating in Atlanta, Georgia

KarmaFarm, Atlanta, Georgia

This little restaurant, along with the staff, was as sweet as a Georgia peach. One of the owners, McCall Wilder, was at the restaurant and had a clear and pleasant passion for feeding those with food allergies. Her, along with her children and husband, all have unique dietary restrictions.

KarmaFarm is a gluten, dairy, and nut-free farm-to-table restaurant and bakery in Atlanta, Georgia, that is certified by the Gluten Free Food Service Division of the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America. In addition to serving delicious food, the restaurant also generously donates meals to hungry children in the Atlanta area.

Yes, you are reading that correctly. Does it get any better?

Upon entering and approaching the buffet-style counter, there are endless options of salads, soups, and hot and cold dishes and sides. I decided on the oven-fried hot chicken arepa with mustard BBQ cauliflower and broccoli, "fluffy bread," and a coupleee of desserts. KarmaFarm makes their arepas out of yuca root- no grains! How it didn't fall apart is beyond me, but they sure have perfected the recipe. The hot chicken had just enough crunch and spice and was perfectly complimented by the house-made sauces. The Montane sparkling water is from Blue Springs, local to Georgia. It was very crisp and refreshing!

It is no wonder that KarmaFarm has "regulars" from all over the country. I will definitely become one of them!

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