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Have you been suffering from an acute or chronic injury and are looking for one-on-one rehabilitation?  Have you tried conservative options but have not gotten the results you want?  MBody You offers an individualized, holistic approach to your physical therapy needs.  Your session will always be one-on-one and it will be patient-focused.  Let your priorities and active involvement in your session, along with our physical therapist's expertise, guide you back to doing all of the things that you love to do.  

What we offer:

  • Therapeutic exercise

  • Neuromuscular re-education

  • Dry needling

  • Manual therapy

  • Tool-assisted soft tissue mobilization (RockBlade certified)

  • Bloodflow restriction

  • Athletic taping and bracing

  • Electrical stimulation modalities

  • Home exercise prescription


What’s the difference between a wellness visit and a physical therapy visit?  Good question!   Both may include manual therapy techniques, exercise prescription, and some of the services described above.  It’s the reasoning behind the treatment session that differentiates the two.  A physical therapy session will help to return you to a prior level of function after suffering from an injury, pain, or illness.  Wellness promotes or maintains physical fitness and mobility and will likely improve your performance. A wellness visit is like a “tune-up” or getting your oil changed.  You go to the dentist every year to stay a step ahead of dental problems.  Why not do the same with your physical therapist?

What we offer:​

  • Injury prevention screen

  • Return to Sport/Run Progressions

  • Individualized Warm Up

  • Performance enhancement for the growing athlete

  • Programming and coaching


Performing artists are faced with the challenging task of balancing strength in end ranges of motion, aesthetic appeal of performance, and a daunting training schedule.  Our physical therapist has experience treating recreational, pre-professional, collegiate, and professional gymnasts, dancers, and cheerleaders, and will help you achieve your rehab or prehab goals.

What we offer:

  • Specialized services for dance, gymnastics, cheer, and figure skating

  • Pre-pointe evaluation

  • Pre- and post-season screenings

  • Onsite or virtual triage for your athletes

  • Choreography review + warm up

  • Workshops


Looking for mentorship on a specific performing arts case?
Trying to grow your performing arts caseload?

As a performing arts physical therapist, I see a HUGE need for more healthcare professionals that understand these sports.  I am passionate about sharing clinical pearls and problem solving tough cases with you.  Mentorship calls are offered in 30-, 60-, and 90-minute sessions.  Schedule a strategy call to learn more about this! 

Schedule a strategy call to discuss what you're looking for


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