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Learn with MBody You!

I truly believe that knowledge is power.  The more that you know about your body and how it works, the better you can rehab and perform.  Once you enter your information, you will receive access to 6+ different webinars on a variety of topics...for FREE!

Please be aware that the information contained in these workshops are for educational and informational purposes only.  It is not medical advice. Nothing in this link constitutes the practice of physical therapy.  Please contact a licensed provider to discuss medical health concerns. You acknowledge that accessing, viewing, posting, following, subscribing, linking, or otherwise utilizing this link and associated social media sites and content on the internet does not result in a physical therapist-patient relationship with MBody You, LLC, or any of its therapists, employees, owners or agents. Your use of this information does not create any duty for MBody You to follow up with you about any medical condition, diagnosis, or treatment. MBody You is not responsible for any injuries that you sustain from participation in any of the activities depicted herein. You expressly waive any claim for any injury at any time against MBody You, or any person or entity involved with MBody You, including, without limitation, its owners, therapists, employees, agents and representatives.

Physical exertion may result in physical or mental injury or risk of injury. You are solely responsible to exercise within your limits. You should SEEK THE ADVICE OF A PHYSICIAN PRIOR TO BEGINNING A PHYSICAL EXERCISE REGIMEN. IF YOU FEEL FAINT, DIZZY, OR HAVE PHYSICAL DISCOMFORT, STOP IMMEDIATELY, AND CONTACT YOUR PHYSICIAN. MBody You may suggest a particular technique, use of equipment, pose, move, or instruction, but it is your sole responsibilities to ascertain if such technique, use of equipment, pose, move, or instruction is consistent with your ability and safe for you to do.

The information contained in this link is owned by MBody You, and is protected by applicable copyrights, trademarks, service marks, patents, or by other proprietary rights and laws. You are not authorized or permitted to sell, license, rent, modify, copy, distribute, reproduce, transmit, redistribute, publicly display, publicly perform, publish, adapt, edit, or create derivative works from the information contained herein. Your use of this link for any purpose that is not expressly permitted in the privacy policy or these conditions of use is prohibited.

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