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Salads, Soups, and Sandwiches Galore in Huntsville

Mason Dixon Bakery, Huntsville, Alabama

Let's just start off by saying that I ate here 3 times within about 36 hours. It says GF on the wall, and basically has a "no gluten allowed" sign at the door. This is my heaven.

Anytime I enter a dedicated gluten-free facility, I feel completely at ease. No asking Joe, "Can you test my bread?" to make sure the server brought the correct type. So walking though a door with a "Controlled Environment" sign and "GF" on the wall was pure bliss. Once I tasted the food, I was sold for good. I first tried Mason Dixon for lunch on our off day... and then ordered to-go for dinner... and then went back for lunch before the show on Tuesday. I even convinced by great Aunt Janet to come with met! I tried the bacon, chicken, scallion salad sandwich, which was the special of the day, the Mason Dixon BLT, and the burger. Every single sandwich, I thought,

"This is the best sandwich I've every had."

The burger topped it off. It was actually voted "Top 7 Burgers in Huntsville, Alabama" by Big 7 Travel. This is a list that includes glutenful food. It was juicy, the bun stayed together, and the sauce was savory and extraordinary.

Even the Caesar salad was noticeably delicious. I hadn't eaten croutons on a salad in years.

If my three meals in 36 hours doesn't speak enough for the place, I hope this review will. You absolutely will not regret giving this place a visit.

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