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8 Quick Tips for Staying Healthy During Competition Season

  1. Stay strong: Resistance training is recommended 1-3 times per week, especially be done for major muscle groups used in your choreo.

  2. Stay mobile: Perform active mobility for warm ups and recovery! I highly encourage you to (at least) maintain your lower back, hip, and ankle mobility.

  3. Stay hydrated: Dehydration can lead to headaches, muscle aches, muscle tightness, poor recovery, and fatigue. Make sure you’re getting enough water AND electrolytes!

  4. Stay nourished: This means eating ENOUGH and eating WELL. Ensure you’re getting adequate carbs, protein, fats, and calories (ask a RD if needed!), and try your best to eat whole fruits and vegetables. Want to get those MACROS AND MICROS in! Don’t forget about the gut-brain connection. Variety of whole foods > happy gut > happy brain and minimal pain 😊

  5. Stay rested: Aim for 7+ hours of sleep a night, and supplement with naps if needed. Chronic sleep deprivation has been shown to reduce performance and increase risk of injury.

  6. Stay regulated: Stress is going to happen- it’s inevitable. However, finding ways (other than dancing) to manage your stress is so important! Dancing is a fantastic coping mechanism that releases dopamine and oxytocin. However, if you end up in an unfortunate situation where you have a season-ending injury, this can set you up for a very hard time. Mindfulness, gratitude, physical activity, hobbies, professional help, and more can help you to stay away from overwhelming stress and anxiety. Chronic stress has been shown to increase your risk of injury and increase the time out of sport due to injury.

  7. Stay away from spikes: During certain periods of your competition season, you may notice spikes in your training load. Try to keep these spikes below 20-30%!

  8. Stay supported: Find a coach, trainer, or PT who is on your team! Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to address all of these factors at once. Having someone to make it easier for you can take a lot of the stress away.

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