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A comprehensive course for dance teachers, choreographers, and studio owners by Dr. Mary Beth Maas, DPT, PT

Dance teachers and choreographers play an important and unique role in dancer health.  Learn some of these basic principles of strength, conditioning, flexibility, ramping up before performance or competition, and injury risk.  

Dancers get hurt...frequently.  Often times, they end up injured right before a performance or competition.  


“Will I have to modify choreography?”

“Will they be able to perform full out?”
“Will I have to restage?”


What if you never had to restage again?


I know, it seems impossible.  While there are MANY factors that affect a dancer’s injury risk, many of them are modifiable – meaning they can be minimized with strategic change.

You can learn the tools that are needed to:

See what other studios have said about workshops with

Mary Beth

"Our workshop with MBody You was extremely informative. She really helped to bridge the gap between dance and injury prevention/safety for our dancers. It left me excited to learn more.  I truly believe given the opportunity to work more with MBody You, we can create a safe environment for our dancers while also pushing them to the next level of their technique and ability. Excited to work more with this company! Thank you for an awesome workshop!"
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"It was a great workshop!  Love that we could do this with you via zoom! I wan't a class at least every 3 months."

This 8-week course will teach you the fundamentals of decreasing injury risk and improving performance within your team, studio, or class.

I have combined all of the workshops that I have done for studios in the past (and added more) in order to provide teachers, choreographers, coaches, and studio owners with the tools needed to build stronger and more resilient dancers.

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I'm so excited about this course and have worked so hard on it! I  hope you're excited, too.  To apply for the waitlist (pricing info provided), please click the link below.

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