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6 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals for the Youth Athlete, Performing Artist, & Weekend Warrior

Home-based cross-training and work-out sessions have their challenges. Check out these 6 versatile, fitness products that are on sale around Thanksgiving!


A TRX system is portable and provides versatility in your workouts and cross training sessions.


Save $25 on the Theragun Mini, a portable vibration massage gun:

This massage gun, like many others, offers you an option to work on those tight, sore muscles on your own!


20% off BOSU products site-wide, like these balance pods:

BOSU products are a great way to challenge your balance and improve your proprioception.


Using the code BFCM20, you will receive 20% site-wide at Apolla Performance, which designs footwear that is specific to dancers' needs. These dance-specific socks come in styles for all types of dance and offer compression and shock absorption qualities.


SideKick recovery tools

20% off of all products site wide and 30% off bundles, like this Recovery Bundle, which includes an Eclipse muscle scraper, Oasis roller gel, Fuse vibration therapy Ddevice, blue and green resistance bands, door anchor, and lifetime access to Sidekick University


Not sure if this is a Black Friday Deal or not, but they are $15 off right now! These are great for adding a little proprioception and sensory input to all of the small muscles in your feet that support your arches.

We hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

MBody You

(MBody You does not receive commission from any of these products.)

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